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To Emma & Dougie – thank you so much for asking me to capture your beautiful wedding day. It was such an honour to be there and capture your special day for you and I wish you both all the very best for your future together.

Here is their own little story about their wedding day

  1. Emma – I was visiting a friend who lives in Northern Ireland for the weekend, to get away from edinburgh after ending a relationship that was going nowhere. My friends held a BBQ that weekend for their friend Dougies Birthday, and when we met there was an instant attraction 🙂
    Dougie – It was the best Brithday present ever turning up and meeting Emma so unexpectedly 🙂
  2. Emma – The first day we met I felt totally bowled over, he was the best person I’ve ever met! After we first met I had to go back to Edinburgh, I couldn’t stop thinking about him! we kept in touch via phone and email, and the first time I saw Dougie again a month later was when he picked me up at the airport and I knew from the butterflies I felt that he was somebody really special. His kindness and support and patience while I finished my degree was incredible, our relationship was long distance for the first year and a half and he made so much effort to come see me in Edinburgh and to make it easy to go over to Belfast to see him 🙂
    Dougie – I knew from the very first day that she was the one for me, it was love at first sight. And every day we’ve spent together since then only makes me more certain.
  3. Emma – I was completely taken by surprise and overwhelmed by how happy I felt when he proposed to me! He had come to Edinburgh to visit me and kept me busy in the kitchen while he set things up in the other room, then he blindfolded me and led me into the lounge where he had set up a love poem he wrote for me in a frame, satin roses everywhere and in the middle of it all a beautiful and massive engagement ring! He stood behind me and took off the blindfold, and when i had seen everything I turned around with tears in my eyes and he was kneeling there and took my hand and asked me to marry him – it was the most romantic moment of my whole life! I had to tell people as soon as possible I was so excited! 🙂
    Dougie – I was so nervous, I had asked her parents a couple of months earlier for their permission to marry Emma and had their blessing, and had bought a ring I knew she would love so I was organised, but when it came to it I was freaking out in case she said no! But when she turned around and looked at me kneeling before her I knew what her answer was going to be from the way her eyes were shining at me, and when she said yes she burst into tears and I just held her while she cried her happy tears on my shoulder and couldn’t wait to tell everyone the good news 🙂
  4. Emma – I love what a truly good person Dougie is! He is so kind and patient with everyone, especially me, and he is generous with his time and emotions, I never have to wonder how he feels about me 🙂
    Dougie – Emma is funny and intelligent and very independent, she loves her friends and family, and now me too 🙂 She works as a nurse and loves getting to help people every day, and always makes me me feel loved and apreciated.
  5. We both love Edinburgh, we’ve had such happy times there together and the hotel we’ve chosen has amazing views of the castle which make an impressive backdrop to our happy day! Its a modern, elegant venue but isn’t ostentatious or overly grand – that’s just not who we are!
  6. We’re both so looking forward to getting to spend the day celebrating with all our friends and family – we don’t often get to see some of them given that we live in Northern Ireland now, and having everyone together will be so fun!
  7. We did everything together and really worked as a team when it came to organising and booking things, so the wedding planning was a lot of fun for us! The biggest thing is just to be really organised, keep details and receipts and emails etc together so all the wedding stuff is in one easy reference place and make sure to book things up as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Also don’t worry what other people say – it’s your day and should reflect your taste, there are no set rules and you don’t have to conform to what other people expect for it to be a great day!
  8. How much shopping around you need to do! We had thought because we knew what we wanted it would be easy to find everything we need but had no idea the huge array of options available for everything from florists to cakes to dresses. It meant we spent long hours searching through everything for the best deal, but it was fun doing it together and meant we have kept our wedding to a budget we can live with 🙂

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