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Just thought we would let you know where we stand amid current concerns around Coronavirus – and what measures we’ve introduced to protect visitors to the studio and ourselves.
We continue to monitor developments and abide by advice from the government and the World Health Organisation to ensure that we all stay safe.
The well-being of our clients is paramount.
In addition to our customary high standards of hygiene, we’ve implemented a heightened cleaning regime in the studio.
We don’t have hand sanitation stations because we can’t get hold of any. But there is soap and water and hand towels and we would encourage you to use them.
We will wipe surfaces, door handles etc with disinfectant wipes before and after any shoot.

You will still get a warm welcome but we might not kiss and hug/shake hands, a wave or an elbow bump will be fine for now!
The studio will remain open, our studio is not a high traffic area- its generally only Lee-Anne, Martin & Aimee and we have a maximum of 5 shoots per day, so hopefully we can minimise any risks easily and continue to provide a safe environment for an enjoyable and productive shoot even in this difficult time.
Obviously if any of your party have any symptoms – dry cough, temperature, difficulty breathing then please contact the studio and we will reschedule your session, Similarly if we move into a lockdown situation then sessions will be rescheduled until the problem runs its course.

If any of us start to display symptoms then we will close immediately and postpone all sessions and self isolate with lots of Netflix!

I’m confident that we’re doing everything in our power to meet this challenge with a response that’s effective and proportionate.

Thank you and we look forward to welcoming those booked in for sessions and viewings and ordering session with us soon!

Martin & Lee-Anne



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930am – 4pm



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Suite 6, Friarton House, Friarton Road, Perth, PH2 8BB