Fernie Castle Wedding Photography | Miguel & Ishbel

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Scottish Wedding Photography | Fernie Castle

Earlier this year I had the huge pleasure of photographing Miguel and Ishbel’s amazing wedding at Fernie Castle in Fife. A brilliant day full of laughter, smiles, emotion and lots and lots of fun!!

From the moment I arrived in the morning the atmosphere was so relaxed and happy, it was truly a pleasure to be able to capture such an amazing day. I will always remember Ishbel & Miguel’s first dance – a South American Salsa, given that Miguel is from Columbia. It was amazing just like the rest of their wedding day.

Here is a little bit about their wedding day from both Miguel and Ishbel…

Tell us how you first met?
Miguel came to Perth to learn English and I was his teacher for a few months. It was all above board though! We kept in contact after Miguel moved on and gradually became closer. Miguel added ” Who’d have thought I would marry my “teacher”!!

When did you know he/she was the one? Was it something that they did?
Ishbel: Miguel did a superman impression running down the corridor one day with the biggest smile on his face. It was one of the funniest but stupidest things I’ve ever seen and that was that!
Miguel: I asked Ishbel one day about the ring on her finger, if she was already married or not. (In Spain, the wedding finger is on a different hand to in the UK). I thought at that point that she would be the perfect woman to marry!

 Tell us about the proposal, (did you see it coming, how long was it in the planning, how did you feel, nervous, excited, freaking out?)
We got engaged in Glasgow in a Brazilian restaurant. It wasn’t exactly a surprise as subtle is not one of Miguel’s strong points, but the proposal was very touching and personal! Brazilian was the closest thing to Colombian, and we love south American food! We are Christians, so our faith plays the major role in our relationship. I found a Christian bookshop before we went in to have the meal. I saw the perfect book about marriage and that was how I asked her.

 Tell us one thing that you love most about each other.
Miguel never gives up and I really admire this.
Ishbel has been very patient with me.

If you feel comfortable, share with us something silly or quirky the other person does
Miguel is a great salsa dancer and when that Colombian beat plays, the cutest smile comes on his face which is just the picture of pure joy!

Why did you choose Fernie Castle as the venue for your wedding
Ishbel: The grounds are lovely but for me the deciding factor was the reception room. It has such character which I felt a lot of other venue rooms lacked. It’s like a medieval castle ballroom with candelabras on the wall, and the fact that it is circular means I feel close to all the guests, with no-one being left out.
Miguel: Fernie Castle has real Scottish character which would be interesting for my relatives to see an enjoy a traditional Scottish wedding.

 Besides getting married, what is the one thing that you look forward to the most on the wedding day?
For both of us, having our families together from both sides of the world for the first and perhaps only time is so special as they witness us making our vows to each other before God.

 Is there anything that you wish you knew earlier when it comes to planning a wedding?
Visa applications take a long time so much forward planning is needed! It came down to the wire for us waiting for brother (best man) and father of the groom to arrive, and caused a lot of last minute stress. So, if you’re in this situation on your big day, make sure the appointments are made months in advance!

Here a few of our favourite Scottish wedding photos from their wedding day at Fernie Castle


Here is a little list of the Scottish Wedding suppliers involved in making Miguel and Ishbel’s day so special

Scottish Wedding Photography | Martin Ward Photography
Video | Thompson Cinematics
Florist | Something Special Flowers, Blairgowrie
Ceremony location | Collessie Parish Church, Collessie
Reception location | Fernie Castle, Nr Letham
Band | Orwell Ceilidh Band
Cars | High Society
Dress Botique |Alison Kirk, Perth
Hair Stylist |Taylor’d Beauty
Make Up Artist |Designed Features
Kilt or Suit Hire |Robert Nicol Ltd, Perth

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