Fingask Castle Wedding Photography | Paul & Claire

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Wedding Photographs From Fingask Castle | Perthshire Wedding Photography

There are some weddings we photograph that the day seems to be over before it’s even started, it just all blurs into a massive blend of smiles, laughter and tears, and that is exactly what happened at Paul and Claire’s Wedding at the beautiful Fingask Castle.

I would like to thank you both for asking us to be your Scottish Wedding Photographer, it was an absolute pleasure. Here is there own little story of their wedding

  1. We met in glasgow while paul was back in Scotland. We hit it off straight way and after only 3 months we decided that claire would move down to london with paul when he moved in 3 months time.
  2. We discovered we shared a love of cooking and the exotic side of food, when we both dived in to the stuffed raw chillies in the meal we were sharing on our third date.
  3. Paul proposed in Italy, after a violin concerto in the village of Ravello. He was nervous but optimistic. He found it stressful moving the ring from his pocket, to the check-in bag and back again in the airport to stop it being picked up by the metal detectors.
  4. Paul loves Claire’s enthusiasm for everything they do, and how she sometimes looks so happy she might actually pop. Claire loves how Paul is so caring and considerate of her feelings and others’.
  5. We loved the hedges.
  6. Definitely the food!
  7. Get engaged to someone who is easy and enjoys compromise.. and be like that yourself! Also book the major things early – venue, drink, catering, photos, celebrant and clothes. All the rest is detail.

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