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PHOTO NOIR – More than a photo, your own personal work of art


Make no mistake, this is NOT run-of-the-mill photography, this is the creation of art to be shown, admired, coveted and desired. You will want to have the images we create on your wall, this style of imagery transcends an average family photo-shoot.

Photo Noir speaks about emotion, depth and absolute simplicity. When you want a striking timeless piece of art then the Photo Noir’ portrait session is for you. Smiles are not the order of the day, serious studies work best for this style of portraiture.

Simplicity is the key to producing Photo Noir portraits, the clothing is kept simple, plain black or dark colours work best with a black background. Martin will then use his lighting skills to produce the most lovely soft light to create your photographs. This maximises the impact on the face and eyes which tell the entire story.

We have all become immersed in the blazing white imagery and rich primary colours that has become a staple for many high street photographers. This is your chance to step away and have something timeless, unique, emotional and beautiful. Just take a look at the gallery and feel the emotion that these images exude.

Our Photo Noir Portfolio

Below is a selection of family portraits to view. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

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