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Wedding Photographs from Piperdam | Scottish Wedding Photography

Tim and Kirsteen’s wedding at Piperdam was a fantastic day. They are absolutely amazing couple getting married at one of our favourite Scottish Weddings venues.

I knew from Tim & Kirsteen’s pre-wedding shoot last September what a relaxed and fantastic couple they were so their wedding was always going to be brilliant. And they didn’t disappoint, from arriving in the morning to leaving in the evening there was non-stop smiles and laughter.

It was cold, as it usually is in Scotland in February, but these guys didn’t care and they didn’t let it affect their wedding day in any way at all. In fact they embraced it and we took some images which I love.

Here is their very own story;

  1. Kirsteen came in uncharacteristically late to a work conference as a result of her flight running late on her first day in a new job. While she was stunned like a rabbit in the headlights – I siezed upon the chance to introduce myself and gave her my phone number…she tried to play it cool but 4 months later she text me
  2. After about 2 months I had a chance to go to New York but needed someone to come with me … I thought I’d ask Tim as a way of keeping the cost down. It was an amazing holiday with amazing company – just don’t ask to see any of the ice skating photos of him.
  3. It came as no surprise to anyone when I got down on one knee…apart from perhaps me. Unfortunately in the excitement of planning a romantic weekend at her favourite hotel, asking her dad’s permission and getting the room prepared with everything a newly engaged girl needs (wedding magazines mainly!) I’d overlooked one minor detail…the ring wasn’t ready in time. But she said yes anyway and being a perfectionist she made me repeat the process after the weekend – this time with the ring!
  4. Tim – I love everything about her – but the big three are that she makes me laugh, she has a great bum and she knows just what to do in a crisis – and with me around there are plenty of those
    Kirsteen – His eyes – I didn’t notice them until he wore contact lenses on our first date and I fell hook line and sinker
  5. It was a bit different, looked gorgeous and it had a great relaxed atmosphere. On top of this the wedding planners were so organised it put our frantic minds at ease. Also because it is at Piperdam we’ve managed to make it into a wedding weekend with all our guests staying Friday – Monday
  6. Tim – I can’t wait to see how stunning she looks – and standing up in front of everyone to tell them how much we love each other
    Kirsteen – Having all our friends and family together in one place. It doesn’t happen often given half of them live in England.
  7. Its the most stressful thing we’ve ever done…but I’m sure it will be totally worth it!

    Try and do as much of the planning together – it makes the whole feeling much more special! Remember although this is the most important thing in your life from the second you set a date…for everyone else life goes on as normal (as it should) but it helps to remember to be patient!

  8. You only get to do one menu tasting…and if you’re a groom who doesn’t dance – START NOW
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