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Wedding Photography at The VU | Scottish Wedding Photography

David & Carly’s wedding day at one of Scotland’s most popular wedding venues, The VU, was a gorgeous and amazing day from start to finish.

Here is Carly and David’s little story behind their wedding day

  1. David and I met through two mutual friends as a blind date. He was running mega late and I about gave up and approached a random guy at the bar and asked him if he would like a drink. To which he accepted to have a drink with me but he insisted he paid.
    Our mutual friend then appeared and was very please we had already met. So I picked my blind date.
  2. Carly: David knew I was the one: not a question I have ever thought about. It was like I just got this feeling of I don’t want to loose this one.
    David: I knew David was the one after about three months: because he tracked down one of my favourite foods in the whole world “biltong” which is a South Africa delicacy and surprised me with it.
  3. It’s private and special and never seen it coming at all.
  4. Carly: I love how selfless he is, he always puts me and the boys needs before his own. Which makes him the most amazing partner and father to our boys.
  5. We choose The Vu. 1st because is a stunning location. 2nd Davids great love for the fishing and being out on the water. What better place than to get married in the water Lilly.
  6. Celebrating with family and friends we don’t get to see often.
  7. Stressful. Hire a wedding planner and just show up on the day.
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