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So in the past few weeks on my Wedding Wednesday blog, I’ve shared my top tips for getting the most out of wedding shows and finding and booking your wedding photographer for you’re big day, and last time I promised to talk about pre-wedding sessions . . . .

You will find that most Scottish wedding photographers include a pre-wedding shoot within their wedding photography packages, as they feel that it is important to get to know you and your partner before your special day.

Having your pre wedding session really does have great advantages, by having the pre-wedding session you are able to sample your chosen photographers style and a little insight to how they create those WOW shoots you really loved and that made you book them in the first place!

Its not all about getting nice photos or working with your wedding photographer, it will also allow them to dispel any of the concerns that you both may have, about having your photos taken, and on the wedding day you are both going to feel more natural, relaxed to allow you to really enjoy your wedding day to the full!

Pre-wedding sessions normally happen in the months leading upto your wedding day and it usually takes place in a location that holds special meaning to the couple, for instance, the place you got engaged or that beach you both love walking along at sunset – it allows you to be creative but most of all enjoy it! During the session, shots are captured of you separately, along with shoots of you with each other as this offers the experience of precisely how your photos will be taken on the big day. You want to have thee most amazing photos to look back on, so this will allow you to do so because lets face it, its not just as easy as standing on the beach its about capturing small moments you have with each other and that makes it have the WOW factor!

Ive mentioned that there is many advantages to having your pre wedding session . . . . . .

So what are the benefits of having a pre-wedding shoot;

The biggest one is being able to build a relationship with your chosen Scottish Wedding Photographer. Remember your wedding photographer is a complete stranger to you and your family and as your wedding day passes so quickly you want to make sure they capture all the small details and from building this relationship between you all, your chosen photographer will know what you want from the day and what is important to you as a bride!


Becoming familiar with the way your wedding photographer works as well as viewing the results of the photos will give you confidence and provide that little bit extra assurance that your wedding photographer is going to capture excellent photos of your wedding day and ones you will be able to look back and enjoy looking back at for years to come!

Well . . . .  there is that you would have,  a beautiful set of images of the two of you in a lovely setting, something you may not have ever had as a couple. We all have selfies of us a couple  but can we say we go out our way to get a professional to capture us as loving couple? I know both Martin and I had not, infact the last time we had had photos of us done professionally was at school which was a good 12 years before our wedding! (so just yesterday! Ha)


Where is best to have your session taken;

If your photographer has not photographed at your wedding venue before it is usually an excellent chance to combine a visit to the location together with the pre-wedding shoot. Perhaps you’re special day is taking place in the autumn or winter months so why not splash out and get some colour and have your shoot take place during the spring or summer months, by doing this you will get a mixture of contrasting seasonal photos of you both .

I also mentioned about beaches,  well beaches and wedding dresses (we live in Scotland, you have have rain) don’t mix very well so something a little different from your venue will allow you to have a different experience. Although “rain” shoots are an extra WOW and a must to do if raining on your wedding day or pre wedding session!

Its not all about beautiful settings like castles, beaches but you could chose a more urban feel for your session. Shop windows, City streets are a great and give a different feel and can really give you a little extra wow to it, as its really out there!

A few of our wedding couples have chosen to use Edinburgh’s Winter Wonderland in Princes Street Gardens (we got a free ride on the carousel!) and Royal Mile for their pre wedding session so you can really get creative and get images you really do love! No matter where you decide to have your pre-wedding session enjoy and welcome the experience, because it’s an excellent chance to have some relaxed natural photos together.


It’s extremely important for your wedding photographer to know the way that you would like to be photographed and to discover whether you have any specific worries and anxieties in terms of public affection or which side you would rather be photographed on. Or perhaps there could be a significant height difference between you both and you want to see in what way the wedding photographer can approach this. Seeing the pre-wedding photos with your photographer is equally as crucial as the shoot itself, that way you can offer your comments to the photographer so that they know about your preferences. Ie if you didn’t like a pose that they put you in, why allow them to waste your time on your wedding day doing something you were not comfortable doing, it would allow you all to do something different and get the images you want!

So you have your session and you love all the photos, what can you do with them?

There is lots of different thing you can do and use them for. Some of the choices that we offer our couples are a signing frame, this is a little bit of fun but turns out to be a item you will treasure forever. The Signing Frame is where your guests can write their personalized message around the mounted picture on your wedding day rather than a guestbook. By doing this your favourite photo from the pre-wedding session is going to be on show at your wedding and then It comes home with you both as a long-lasting cherished memory hanging on your wall with all of the messages your family and friends left you on your wedding day.

You could also use them for “save the date” or your “wedding Invitations” a little something that would stand out to your family and friends and of course as any person does when invited to a wedding they have the invitation on show for all to see so many people would be able to see your creative flare of a different wedding invite.

There is lots of different options to chose from and each photographer will have different options for you to chose from whether it’s all the images on a CD or prints in a frame its about your wedding experience and hopefully by having the pre wedding session it will allow you to enjoy your day more as you would have built up the relationship with your wedding photographer.

Next time I will be chatting with a couple who have had their pre wedding session and then had their wedding photographs. This will allow you to hear all directly from a bride and what she found from doing this.

Of course if you would like to be featured on my wedding Wednesday blog please email me through the contact us – I’d love to hear from everyone!

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