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So last time I spoke all about wedding fayres, and this week I thought I’d write about where my heart is, wedding photography!!

I realise that your next stop is not booking your photographer in fact it would be . . . .  your venue!

Last time I talked a lot about Wedding fayres and how they are a great place to start even if you don’t have a venue, why . . well the simple answer would be wedding fayres always have venue exhibitors or it may also be held in a venue. This allows you to see what the day would be like and set up along with chatting to the wedding planners (your best friend while planning your day at that venue!)

As a past bride, I would have to say that the old wives tales are really true and you really do know when you walk into YOUR wedding venue, it’s the same feeling you get when you know you have got on the right wedding dress!

So when is your wedding? Have you set the wedding date yet? Sound like your daily questions when you tell people you got engaged at the weekend . . . I’m sure your mind is still going 1000 miles an hour after the proposal and you can’t take your eyes off your beautiful engagement ring but now the serious planning begins!

So you’ve got your date and wedding venue, next I would always say to start looking for your wedding photographer, photography is a massive part of your day and after all the excitement of the your wedding, it’s the one thing you can look back ON and remind yourself of all the special moments and how all your planning came together.

Wedding Photography is such a minefield  for many people let alone a bride looking for her wedding photographer to capture her wedding day. Photographers have all got different styles, packages and most importantly prices.

So where do you start . . . .

The best thing to do is start looking at website’s, a photographers front door is their website and it opens you to their world and their love for their images and style! From looking at different photographers website’s you will get a feel for what you both like. Is it WOW photos that are like art or is it more a vintage look or is it the out there candid style! Once you have spent time looking through and have a feel for what you like, write down the photographers that have stood out to you both.


You have THE style you like, list of photographers and you want to know more . .

So by now you have the  style you love and you have a list of photographers that have stood out to you, next you need to see if these photographers are within your budget.

Brides always laugh when I say never save or settle on your wedding photographer, but having heard horrible stories and just reading the newspapers you can see why I say this! You spend the a long time planning your perfect wedding day and spend lots of money on a beautiful wedding dress why save on your photographer and risk the chance you could end up with photos that don’t really tell your story! That’s where our tag line comes from . . . . Every couple has a love story . . . . Let us tell yours!

Most photographers will have guidelines of their pricing on their website or will have an online download to which will allow you to sit with a glass of wine together and chat through what your findings are!

You have found the photographer you really like, what next  . . . . .

So you have got a photographer in mind, within your budget . . Great! Contact them to make sure they are available on your date and arrange a meeting. Why meet them, well simple,  you spend a big part of your day with them/him/her, you need to connect with them and most importantly you need to trust them! Meet somewhere you are comfortable with and take along your partner or if they are not free bring bridesmaids or mum, they always love to help when they are able to!

Martin and I work from our home studio so we offer couples to come to us for a Latte (Tassimo latte lover!!) but we have also had meetings, in Costa’s/Starbucks and at couples wedding venues for yes more coffee.


What do you ask and what will they bring . . . .

Ask them to bring along sample albums so you can have a good look through them. Make sure you know what one is attached to each package, if it’s an album you are looking for!

There ARE no wrong questions to ask while you are at the meeting, it’s really your time to ask the questions you need to help you make your mind up if they are the photographer for you or not.

  •  What is included in the package?
    You want to know what is included ie: pre wedding session, online gallery, CD/USB
  • My wedding venue is in Edinburgh and you’re based in Dundee, do you charge travel?
    Some photographers only cover certain areas and charge a fee outside this area, you want to know if there is an extra cost before you book and not after you have signed the contract and find out to late.
  • Do you cover all day and what times does that include?
    Full day coverage is more common now and most photographers offer this as a standard. We tend to cover from 11am if you were to get married at 1:30/2pm and leave around 8:30pm subject to if there is a sunset (summer months) or even fireworks etc (make sure you make them aware of any special requests). This tends to be enough time cause let’s face it, we don’t want photos of us without our base make up on! This gives us plenty time to get all the goings on and moments of all the built up excitement that your wedding brings.
  • Do you have a second shooter or assistant that will be there to help on the day?
    Again this is more common now that there is a second shooter on the day and they help you with all the smaller details ie: making sure the train on your dress is nicely fanned out for photos for that added wow but also if the groom is in the same venue, it allows the other one to catch the guys doing their thing getting ready! Martin and I work together at weddings, I like to spend the time with the girls getting ready, I always feel that girls together makes it better plus I’m always on hand to help with dresses along with getting all the moments.
  • What is a pre wedding session?
    Pre wedding session are great for you as a couple along with the photographer. Not only do you have nice photos that you can purchase of the two of you but there are lots of different things you can add like a signing frame. The session is all about getting to know your photographer again and getting to to be comfortable while having your photos taken, let’s face it , it’s not a selfie and it’s a stranger taking the photo!

Because photography is a minefield I have cut it down to the start of meeting and booking your photographer to begin with and next week, I’ll touch onto the pre wedding sessions with one of our past couples talking about the benefit of it and what they got from doing the session and if it helped them before their wedding day.

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